Recent Projects

Agent47 - Hitman (2014)

We take part of the new "Game-to-movie-franchise" of "Agent47 - Hitman". Can Aydin has a lot to do as the main double for villain Zachary Quinto. First time working with the top-notch guys Jonathan Eusebio and Jon Valera from 87eleven.

Upcoming Projects

Kahraman (2012?)

A feature film completely produced and directed by Reel Deal Action

007 James Bond Skyfall (2012)

Cha-Lee Yoon performed in this blockbuster as a stuntman

Bir Zamanlar Osmanli Kiyam (2012)

2nd Unit directing and action choreographing for season 2 of the hit turkish TV-Show

Best of Luck (2012)

Stunt Coordination / Action choreography by Tanay Ulgen

Berlin File (2012)

A Korean blockbuster from the makers of Arahan and City of Violence. Can Aydin had a leading villain role as a terrorist

Bir Zamanlar Osmanli Kiyam

Right now we´re in Turkey working on season 2 of the hit Turkish TV show

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Can, Cha and Phong worked for this Blockbuster as stuntmen


Begegnung - Encounter (2012)

Can had a leading villain role in this short movie

Intikam - Revenge

It´s official.. We´re working on our 2nd TV-Show in Turkey with Beren Saat on "Intikam".

Evil Twin is finally done!!

Our actionshort "EVIL TWIN" is finally ready to be premiered on December 6th in Berlin Cinestar Sonycenter at 8pm. We are proud to present it in the near future :)

Big Game (2014)

Our Bro Can Aydin doubles a terrorist who fights against cool Samuel L. Jackson as the president of the United States. The fight takes place inside the Air Force One. Watch out for it ;)

Outcast (2014)

Can Aydin is in Beijing/China for doing stunts in the latest project of Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen.